Eyelash Excellence Speedy Lash


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Eyelash Extension Glue Accelerator… The must have product to assist in not only speeding up your lash treatment but to prevent the adhesive travelling up your fan and closing it.

Have you ever wondered why your once open fans, can then 10-20 mins after application look like they have closed. Or the client that left with the perfect fluffy set of volume lashes, then returns (despite following the correct aftercare) with fans that now just look like a closed chunk.
This is a result of a capillary action called “wicking” that causes a product to climb or travel upwards.
This can be prevented by using not only non wicking volume adhesives (which all of our EE volume adhesives are) but this product “Speedy Lash” to keep your fans as open as possible.
So this is a double actioned product that will not only act as an accelerator to speed up the cure, but will prevent wicking and your beautiful fans closing.
So if your extensions are flopping, fans closing, or adhesive is travelling upwards then this product is what you are looking for.
Our Eyelash Extension Glue Accelerator can be used both on the strip of lashes itself, as well as on the natural lashes and can be used with all brands of adhesive (unless stated).
How to use:
Use a micro-brush to paint a small amount of product on the base of the extensions either on the strip, or onto the base of your clients natural lashes – or both.
Apply sparingly.
Use a hand held fan to quickly dry the lashes, brush through and commence your application.
Re-apply every 15-20 mins or when you feel that the adhesive cure has slowed down or it starts to wick up the fan.
If your extensions are flopping or fans closing, then it is usually a sign that your temp or humidity are too low, or that the adhesive is too slow curing for you.
Always attempt to control your levels to perfection, rather than rely on the use of accelerators to assist you.
Use of our Eyelash Extension Glue Accelerator can cause shock curing, if your levels are already high, therefore do not use in very high temp or humidity.




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