Pair of Pink Tweezers


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BEAUTYPROS- Lash Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions, Hand Calibrated Straight & Curved Tip, Pack of 2, Pink. Made from surgical stainless steel.


Features & Details:

Material:-Surgical Precision Stainless Steel
Excellence in use:- special processing is performed on tweezers to make it precisely picks and
isolates lashes
Reliable:- it’s so soft in use that doesn’t cause any stiffness in hand muscles, and it’s light weight
as well.
Perfection:- All the tweezers are hand tested so they are ready to do the jobs with supreme
excellency, these are perfect tweezers for perfect lashes.

Great for separating, isolating and picking up ultra-fine lashes (0.05mm, 0.15mm)
Designed with ease of use to reduce potential hand fatigue while maintaining amazingly accurate lash applications
Easy to clean surgical stainless steel point tip design is very durable

Protective tip covers included with purchase to prevent lose alignment
Perfect for Professional eyelash extensions, these tweezers allow most precise application of designs and lashes strips, help to prevent lash extensions from sticking together during application
Give them a try and you will experience the performance. If not satisfied, let us know. At BeautyPros, we are here for you!

ultra-fine and precision tweezers are a must-have for all eyelash extension techniques. They are amazing to pick up the most difficult eyelash extensions, for natural lashes isolation, or to create the most beautiful volume fans.
eyelash extension tweezers set satisfies all the functions of lash isolation, picking up, making fans and grafting. Straight lash tweezers and curvy isolation tweezers are usually used to isolate nautral lashes. Curvy isolation tweezers are more suitable for isolating lashes for customers with deep eye sockets.
plasma coated durable eyelash tweezers for extensions made of 100% Surgical grade stainless steel which is easy to clean. These aren’t flimsy or easily breakable and the long tip makes lashes easy to handle than regular tweezer
Lightweight lash extension tweezers are anti-magnetic, acid-resistant, and temperature resistant. Easy to use and it will make your work so much faster
Appropriate Elasticity: Low resistance, you can easily close the lash extension tweezer tips; Rebound easily, rebound to its original position without other assistance.




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