The World of Permanent Makeup

By Kay Holtz


Dive into the colorful and precise world of permanent makeup. Discover how pigments, blades, and advanced machines bring beauty and confidence to life

– Variety of shades for every skin tone – Hypoallergenic and long-lasting – FDA-regulated for safety

Pigments & Inks

– Specially designed for fine, hair-like strokes – Disposable and sterilized for safety – Essential for microblading and detailed work

Blades & Tools : Precision in Every Stroke

Machines & Cartridges

Technology Meets Art

– State-of-the-art machines for flawless application – Cartridges designed for precision and versatility – Suitable for various permanent makeup techniques

Transformations That Speak Volumes

– Strict hygiene and sterilization protocols – Quality inks and tools for minimal skin irritation – Post-care tips for lasting results

Safety & Care Slide

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